Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bountiful Twilight

"The wise man can pick up a grain of sand and envision a whole universe. 
But the stupid man will just lie down on some seaweed 
and roll around until he's completely draped in it. 
Then he'll stand up and go, "Hey, I'm Vine Man."
- Jack Handey

One of our favorite photos taken thus far

A blustery, rainbow filled evening turned into a magnificent sunset

A not-so-shy beaver.  
Well, let's just say he wasn't foaming at the mouth or gnawing on Ben's leg...

Northwestern Salamander
You might say this is not as picturesque as the Black Bear that Ben saw this week.
You might be right.
If only the bear was willing to lay motionless amongst the leaf liter for a close-up

We decided we could build a little "bubble box" around ourselves and sit through the blowing sand and rain and wait for moments just like this one....


Luke said...

Thanks for checking out my site! Yes, I am the creator of the Steve Irwin group haha. I hate "using" it to talk to people (why I don't do it often), but I figure I might as well use the resource... when I really need to haha. I love these photographs by the way, amazing work!


Ben and Carrie Cook (McAtee) said...

Thank you Luke... we have really had some wonderful opportune moments for pictures lately :)


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