Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From our Camera to Your Living Room

Over the past few years, our wildlife jobs have allowed us the opportunity to visit, see, and experience so many diverse places and animals. 

From birds of the Peruvian Amazon 
Gulf Coast Alligators 
Mexican Grey Wolves in Arizona and New Mexico
Teton and Yellowstone Wilderness Moose
Pine Martens of the Adirondacks in New York
Pacific Northwest Spotted Owls
Travel in between it all

When we weren't busy tracking, trapping, calling, weighing, measuring, drawing blood, giving vaccines, or radio-collaring wildlife....we managed to snap more than a few pictures and think it's high time we gave everyone the chance to share in the experiences; not only on our blog, but also through
Our brand spankin-new Photography Sale Website.

We've chosen for our photos to be made at a professional photo lab in California, with exceptional quality prints and canvas, who ships orders directly to you.  What's really cool is that once your order has been placed, we get to preview the proofs from your order before they are created and shipped to you.  This way, we can notify you if we see any part of your order we think you may be dissatisfied with (such as the way a photo has been cropped). 
Speaking of cropped photos... with our photography site you're given the option to crop photos to fit your specific print/product size you've chosen to your liking.
AND if you're ever unhappy about the product you receive just LET US KNOW!   Give us the opportunity to make a print that you like, or to refund your money - after all it's YOUR satisfaction that is most important :)

Head over to Ben and Carrie Tracks Photography to see for yourself.


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