Saturday, May 01, 2010

Cut up chunks of fish, anyone?

Manaznita Coastline...
Nehalem Bay can be seen in the upper back portion of photo below the ridge line

Went and took a visit to Seaside for their aquarium and who could resist doing some crayon rubbings?

Pacific Harbor Seal Smile :)

The Seaside Aquarium was the first in the country to successfully breed Pacific Harbor Seals. Some of the seals are 3rd or 4th generation offspring

Wolf Eel! Can grow up to 6 -7 feet in length and weigh 40 pounds...this one was massive! Believe it or not; their temperament is quite mild,
their face is one only a mother could love....
guess that makes us "mothers"

One neat aspect about the aquarium is that it features only animals found along the Pacific Coastline (Cali-Alaska). The Giant Pacific Octopus, for example, in the video above....

None of the seals have been trained. They have each acquired their own set of skills to attract the attention and fish of the visitors. This seal named Greta has her technique down pretty well....


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