Saturday, June 26, 2010

♫ Nothin' but blue skies ♫

 Sandcastle Competition Favorites
at Cannon Beach 

 For Rent? 
Old growth trees are unfortunately hard to come by outside of the State Parks...
You can be sure that those left standing else where are prime real estate for many species, including the Spotted Owl

 At almost every beach around us, fresh water can be seen draining into the ocean

Light House, Puffins, Peregrine Falcons, Dramatic Cliff sides....Cape Meares

Snowy Mt. Hood amongst the lush green

Hard at work :)

What's that you say?  
Oh no, we promise we are not all play and no work, 
but now that you mention it - maybe our work is play?

Monday, June 14, 2010

3 Beaches, 2 Days of Sun, 1 Weekend

1. Cannon Beach - Haystack Rock

A Sea Lion decided to spend an inconspicuous weekend at Haystack Rock...

When the tide comes in, you have to really work to see what lives beneath that rock...

2. Garabaldi/Rockaway Beach - The Three Graces

The little things in life....

3. Manzanita Beach - Evening Turned into Night Bonfire

After thousands of years, we're still intrigued and congregating by the fire....

Friday, June 04, 2010


"The first time I ever saw the ocean I was real disappointed. "That's the ocean?!" I said. No, said Mom and Dad, that's just the parking lot. When we pulled into the lot, I was real disappointed in it. It was hard to find a spot, and the spaces seemed way too narrow, in my book. The ocean was okay, I guess, but I still can't get over how disappointing that parking lot was."
- Jack Handey

Deliberately whooo'd at... :)

 Pair of Barred Owls (sound only) cackling away...

We've already called dibs on the two outer swings.....but could use a 4-legged-being to try and fit on the awkward middle swing....?


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