Monday, May 24, 2010

Amusing Mousings

When a Spotted or Sbarred owl (hybrid of Spotted and Barred)
is heard, we make a follow-up visit to the area.  
A technique called mousing is used to find out whether or not the owl
has a mate or young; its' nesting status.

Sbarred Owl... 
Has a blend of bars and spots on the chest 
like a Barred and Spotted Owl.
A melded look...

Mousing - A mouse is placed in plain site of the owl.  In this case, on a long stick.
The owl will either ignore the mouse, eat the mouse, or take it to a mate or nest.

It is possible that hybridization could add to the decline 
of the Northern Spotted Owl.  Especially in the long run 
if Northern Spotted Owl populations continue to stay so low.
Gotta keep the ol' gene pool clean.

 ...We're gonna have to go with nature on this one -
we always knew it was OK to play with your food.

Stunning and wise.  Both the moss-lichen covered tree and the Sbarred Owl.

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