Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're in the Tetons!

Helloooo (la la la) from one of the most beautiful places we’ve been. The Greater Yellowstone Area….we’re staying in a camper near a ranger station called Blackrock outside of Jackson Hole Wyoming….when we’re not in the backcountry. Ben and I are in two man teams that head out for a couple weeks at a time into the Teton and Yellowstone Wilderness. We construct willow transects and take measurements monthly, collect TONS of veg and scat and track the radio collared moose with telemetry. I’ve been lucky enough to have a great camera and some good luck to get wonderful pictures. Ben and his partner head each month to Fox Park – which is still quite snowy and filled with canyons, and myself and my partner to the Thorofare – the most remote location in the lower 48 states . (35 miles from any road in any direction officially) If you can believe it, I came out of the “bush” and ate a half pound buffalo burger, fries and pie. Carrie the carnivore. No one could have predicted those two words in the same sentence. Turns out Ben went to the same Café and got the same meal when he came out of the back-country . The local shops and restaurants are fabulous and we’ve already picked out a few favorites (where the game meat be plentiful. Ben and I are new at the hip blogging scene so bare with us as we hone in on our online journaling skills. Posts will be a few weeks apart most likely and we’ll try and get a lot of pictures and video in when we can. Enjoy!

Let's see.........some desciption of the pictures.....the moose shown, beside being incredibly adorable, was a female we walked in on to check and see if she had her calf with her.
She did not, however she was looking a little large in the belly. The pictures with the towering jagged peaks are of the Tetons.....from various locations Ben and I have hiked to. The Cabin Pictures are from a little place about 10 miles into our trip to the Thorofare. It is amazing how comforting a 10 x 12 cabin can feel after a couple weeks sleeping in a tent. Wood burning stove and all :) Look closely on the side shot of the cabin for the bear claw marks..... there is a 20 year old log book at the cabin with some very interesting middle of the night bear stories. The cabin comes complete with a wood ladder for emergency roof climbing if a bear approaches while you're outside! I had to include a picture of a bear hang. Anything with a smell....toothpaste, food, soap, all go up 10 feet high and 4 feet out from trees. 


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