Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Every thing in life ain't nothin but a thing."

Well we're back from another stint in the back country and as always, really looking forward to the next. Lots of delightful moose, lots of scat, lots of vegetation collected and who could forget the willow transects. We were both barked at by packs of wolves, saw bears (and their steamy-fresh green poo), and hiked through some of the most beautiful landscapes our eyes have ever seen.
We love our job.

Start off with yet another shot of the Tetons, can't get enough...

Couple cow moose enjoying an evening stroll across the marsh.

Ben's humble abode

Carrie's humble abode

15 days without a shower, not bad.

Ben's Fox Park shot with Beaver Ponds

Snowed on in August; a first for both Ben and Carrie.
Temps dipped down into the low 20's at night.


The quaint cabin at and its outhouse at Hawks Rest.
Carrie and Mike got to stay here 5 nights of their trip in August and looking forward to staying in September once the temperatures really start to drop at night. You can see the cliff face behind the cabin called Hawks Rest

where you'll always find at least 3 birds of prey (ie: hawks, bald eagles) circling above.

View from the Hawks Rest Thorofare Cabin.

Note Worthy Animals Seen Thus Far:

Black Bears
Grizzly Bears
Bald Eagles
Short Tailed Weasle
Pine Martin
Trumpeter Swans
Golden Eagles
Jumping Mice
Boreal Chorus Frogs
Tiger Salamanders
Wandering Garter Snake
Boreal Toads
Pronghorn Antelope
Mule Deer
Grey Owls

Leave you with a quote from a man we ran into 30 miles out. He had been traveling that very back country for over 25 years and had quite a few memorable lines. He said to us "Every thing in life ain't nothing but a thing." He was referring to the traffic jam he encountered while trying to get to the start of the trail head....

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