Sunday, August 02, 2009

More Yellowstone and Teton pics you ask?

Ben's Adventures in Fox Park

Ben on his trusty steed while being packed in

Yellow Bellied Marmot who lives under the outhouse at the cabin in Fox Park/Teton Wilderness.

Tiger Salamander :)

View from Ben's cabin window. A luxury roof above ones head when out camping for a couple weeks... complete with wood burning stove and bunk style beds.

Next series of pictures are from Dubois Wyoming

- a 40 minute drive East of us
Amazing how quickly the scenery changes along this short drive

Very Painted Desert-esk, only prettier.

Brook's Lake - Nothing to complain about this hike

These mountains in Dubois Wyoming are part of the Wind River Range.

Yellowstone and its fabulous geysers in the next few pictures below...


Bacteria/Iron Oxides create incredible patterns surrounding the geysers

(No, we are not secretly doing research on the Planet Venus)

Mandatory Old Faithful Picture.
Contrary to popular belief
it does not "faithfully"erupt once every hour;
rather it goes off every 45-122 minutes.

After a wonderful few days of great sites, food, and some family in town, we are headed to the back- country again.  See ya in a couple weeks with more stories and pictures to boot. (To boot or not to boot, that is the question)

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Jessica said...

SOOOOOO beautiful and fun to see what you guys are up too! You aren't missing much in KC. The Royals continue on there downward spiral of losing. Although Incubus was here 2 weeks ago, it made me think of you guys and how you are probably are hitting up a bunch of shows where you are :) Stay safe and dry...please don't let any animals eat you!!!!


Your favorite RESOL.


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