Friday, June 04, 2010


"The first time I ever saw the ocean I was real disappointed. "That's the ocean?!" I said. No, said Mom and Dad, that's just the parking lot. When we pulled into the lot, I was real disappointed in it. It was hard to find a spot, and the spaces seemed way too narrow, in my book. The ocean was okay, I guess, but I still can't get over how disappointing that parking lot was."
- Jack Handey

Deliberately whooo'd at... :)

 Pair of Barred Owls (sound only) cackling away...

We've already called dibs on the two outer swings.....but could use a 4-legged-being to try and fit on the awkward middle swing....?


Chelsea said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful and kind of made my morning. Thanks :)I am glad I found you on "blog hop" :)

eileeninmd said...

The sunset photos are beautiful, great captures. Happy skywatching!

JO said...

beautiful sunset!

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~


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