Monday, July 27, 2009

Mighty Fine July

The O' Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack has a song that Mike and Carrie sing quite a bit while hiking around.  W thought you might enjoy hearing it - it is fitting for our setting. Click here to hear the song :)

View of the Yellowstone River and Bridger Lake in the Thorofare of the Teton Wilderness.

Close up view of picture above. Notice the burnt trees in front from the 1988 fires. Moose need cover to hide in once the temperature rises above 75 degrees. A lot of habitat and shade was lost in the fires of not only 1988 but also 2003 and 2005. (Most likely a major part of the huge 60% decline in moose population over the last 15 years.)

Collecting some Bog Birch. We collect ~30 plants four different times while out on trips to send in for diet analysis. See what kind of goodies the moose are getting in their diets.

View of the Yellowstone River from a bridge with metal support beams that was flown in before the area was designated Teton Wilderness Area in 1964. (Human activities in wilderness areas are restricted to scientific study and non-mechanized recreation; horses are permitted but motorized 
vehicles and equipment are not.)

View from where we ate a few meals.

Beautiful shot of one of the Peaks from Colter Bay in Teton National Park.

A spin around video in southeast Yellowstone Park. 

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Natasha said...

Wow, you have a really interesting blog-I can't believe how much I have learnt in one night! Your pictures are amazing!

Best wishes and thanks for sharing the song,


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